Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday 090103 WOD

“3 Dirty Rounds”
30 Ball Slams (M-20lbs, W-16lbs)
30 Jumping Pull-ups
3 Tire Flips
30 Push-ups
30 DB Lunges (M-45lbs, W-35lbs)

Choose ONE of The Following Sports:
Swim: 3 x 500m... Deviate no more than 1 min from slowest 500m or foul. Recover 3 min between efforts.
Bike: 3 x 5 miles... Deviate no more than 2 min from slowest 5 mile or foul. Recover 5 min between efforts.
Run: 3 x 2 miles... Deviate no more then 2 min from slowest 2 mile or foul. Recover 5 min between efforts
C2: 3 x 2k TT... Deviate no more then 30 seconds from slowest 3k or foul. Recover 4 min between efforts.Foul (to be done at the end of workout): Max Rep Pull Ups